Care home crisis

New research shows 3000 elderly people will not be able to find a place in a care home by the end of next year. The report by property consultants, JLL, warns that this could rise to 70,000 within a decade.

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Democratic Brexit?

Let's talk: British democracy. The UK government at the moment has two mandates. It has a mandate for Brexit and it has a mandate for Austerity. Now here at Healthier IN, because we're really concerned about the NHS, we campaign about both those things. Video transcript continues below link to video


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Brexit is the new excuse for Austerity

Millions of voters, on both sides during the EU referendum, voted in the hopes of saving the NHS. One year on, the NHS is deep in crisis. The NHS has a staffing crisis, a funding crisis and increasing impacts from cuts to other services like social care that multiply the number of people going to the NHS and the length of time they stay in healthcare. We should be outraged, but we shouldn't be too surprised. 

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