Brexit monitoring

Monitoring the effect of Brexit on our public health system

We have heard of increased xenophobic attacks against GPs, health researchers that are planning to leave the country, jobs no longer sparking interest from EU applicants and we know NHS leaders are very concerned about funding and staffing as Brexit unfolds.

What we need to do at this stage is rapidly gather your concerns and the changes you’re experiencing. We need to move from rumours to a set of case studies that can provide early diagnosis of Brexit-related problems for the NHS.

Almost daily we hear about what The City or politicians want Brexit to look like – but we know that the NHS is already struggling and we cannot let it be forgotten in the bartering and trade-offs that lie ahead.

We want to track how announcements and policies are affecting our NHS – we need to hear from you.

So please fill in the form below and also indicate whether you would be willing for any media to contact you and discuss further – your story is still very valuable if you prefer it to be strictly confidential.

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