People's Vote for the NHS rally

Join us on 15th September for the People's Vote for the NHS rally!

Join doctors, nurses, midwives, researchers and others working in the health service as we unite to demand a People’s Vote for the NHS.

There is not a single man, woman or child in this country who doesn’t have a personal connection to the NHS. From birth to death the NHS is there for us all, but the threat from Brexit means we can no longer take that for granted. The British people have been misled on what Brexit will mean for the NHS. Far from £350 million more a week we are already seeing a staffing crisis and funding cuts – and that’s before Brexit has even happened.

The rally will hear from senior representatives from the Royal College of Nurses, British Medical Association and the Royal College of Midwives, as well as from patients and manufacturers on the threat that Brexit poses to our NHS.

Doors will open at 12 noon, with speeches from 1pm. The event will last around 1 hour.

If you love our National Health Service then come to our rally and unite in demanding a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.